Meet the Team

Steve - The S in SDR.

Since the early days of the board game resurgence, we have dragged (drug?) Steve along kicking and screaming.  Lucky for all of us, he has a weakness for good beer.  Thanks to that and some solid persistence, Steve has been our Quality Control from day 1.  He not only edits the rules, but is willing to rain on our parade when something just is not working.


Don  - The D in SDR

With an affinity for Steampunk, Don is the builder of many of the core mechanics of our games.  Starting with a basic premise (which Ray will later destroy), Don constructs some of the more elegant (and core) mechanics for our designs.

When he is not working on our games, he is writing steampunk stories and gathering weird Facebook friends. 


Ray - The R in SDR

Just like Keaton's character in Nightshift, Ray is the "ideas man".  Ray will typically detroy and rebuild Don's mechanics into a new theme like a bulldozer through a antique market.  With an affinity for accumulating hobbies (poker, guitar, rockband, ska music and of course all think Tiki), he is a renaissance man trapped in a world of Internet (Reddit) and memes.



Mike - The ? in SDR


Just like Mike to be late to the party.  Despite being involved since the initial stages, Mike was geographically challenged for a while there.  Now, he's... well, he's here.  Preferring the sublime to the complex, he's a perfect play-tester in addition to his thoughts on working through sticking points. 

Our Goal

SDR Games wants to design games you want to play.  Fun, immerse games that capture your imagination and invigorate your gaming experience.  As a company, we are focused on design, so our games our looking for publishers.  In some future cases, we may go print-and-play or even produce-on-demand, but for now, we are focused on getting the best game designs dripping with theme.