Island Resorts

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Charles Town

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New Victoria

A strategy game of resources and placement for 3-5 players.


Game Concept

 It is the summer of1912 and the western frontier of the British American Colonies is a world of massive floating mansions, horses, stagecoaches, Airships, private railroad cars,dusty western towns, flying machines, and a traveling mechanical freak show.

 But you are a “grounder,” the offensive epithet flung at you by those who enjoy power and privilege.  You will never enjoy the benefits of modern life. Your birthright has damned you to a life of backbreaking work and squalid living conditions in a company town.

 You and a small group of fellow grounders are secretly constructing New Victoria, a breathtakingly immense and wonderful floating city in open defiance of the rich and powerful industrialists that rule the skies.  Tethered above the unorganized Utah territory, far beyond prying eyes of civilization, you hope to complete it before the bitter winds of winter or the Robots sent by the robber barons can sabotage your work.

 Within your grasp is the promise of a future without the legacy of prejudice and bone grinding work because you were born with the ground beneath your feet.

 Aeronauts of New Victoria is a game of building and resource collection in an era of steel and steam, and of Diprotium gas-- the lifeblood of the modern economy.

Game Play Overview

Aeronauts of New Victoria is a resource management where you can get rich collecting water vapor and Diprotium gas for sale to the hungry machines constructing New Victoria. Construction of New Victoria is no less rewarding.  A burgeoning city, even one floating a thousand feet above the western plains, has its needs.  Engineers, mechanics, shopkeepers and boilermakers— all are welcome to freely operate their businesses here without the crushing taxes of a company town. Freedom, however, doesn’t always bring out the best in everyone.  Air pirates lurk among the clouds sent, no doubt, by the greedy industrialists.  To admit otherwise would be to suggest, perhaps, that you are no better than they.





Wanted! (aka Outlaws)

A Strategy Card Game for 4-8 Gunslingers (add +2 players with per expansion!)

Game Concept

Think back to those old Sunday afternoon “spaghetti westerns” with all the classic cliche themes….  The sheriff is the law and justice is at the end of a rope.  Manage your career wisely kid, or you’ll be just another tombstone.


 You are outlaw gang leader of some of the most infamous outlaws of the old west: Billy the Kid, Jessie James,John Wesley Hardin.  Each of these notorious men is plotting their next hold-up but you think you can make as big a name for yourself as them.  Or perhaps you prefer to bask in the glory of their capture…


 At the heart of the game is the underlying premise is that there is little honor among thieves.  Can you achieve success while minimizing your personal risk and investment?



Game Play Overview

Wanted! is a strategy game based on doing whatever it takes to be the most notorious outlaw.


 You have decided to make a living with the gun - now it's time to decide which side of the law you are going to be on.  This game pits outlaws against a persistent sheriff and posse - and as a gunslinger of the old west, you are not a stranger to either side.  In fact, to succeed and prosper, you need to choose your sides carefully.


 Each round you are going to have to make that decision, choosing to be an outlaw or the law.  Once divided into lawmen and outlaws, the game becomes the classic western tale of the sheriff and posse tracking down a gang of outlaws.  The elements of the hold-up are described and the outlaws attempt to make a daring escape stuffing the cash and valuables in their saddlebags and shooting their way to freedom.  If they are successful in getting away, they get to keep what they grabbed.


 The law does not rest and attempts to"cut them off at the pass."  If the outlaws succeed in passing the ambush and make it to their hide-out they have the opportunity to further split more loot.  After a final dash across the border to Mexico, the outlaw gang leader makes an unusual discovery - an object of certain value or maybe a deed to a prosperous ranch. That final discovery puts the outlaw gang to the test.  Is there any honor among thieves?


 To win, you need to be the best outlaw or lawman (or both!)  If you do well as an outlaw - you get a portion of the hold-up money.  If you do well as a lawman, you collect bounties.  At the end of the game, the player with the most money (aka highest bounty) wins.



A "Cooperative" Game where players must survive an initial plague of zombies by pooling efforts and resources.  IF (and its a big IF since players cant see to keep their knives out of each others backs) the players survive the initial horde, they are free to ESCAPE to the security of a new life and victory! 


PHASE I: From your stronghold, players must make supply and rescue runs, making both altruistic and selfish choices.  Too many selfish choices and everyone loses.  Too few selfish choices and you'll have a disadvantage in Phase II.


PHASE II: There is a rescue bus appearing across town.  Can you make it?  Did you hold back enough supplies for yourself?