Charles Town Exchange
It is 1773, and among rumblings of discontent, Charles Town colony has become one of the busiest and wealthiest ports in the colonial Americas transformed by technical improvements in agricultural production and trade in goods from all over the world. On a good day, nearly 300 ships of all description could be seen anchored in its harbor. Each merchant entering the harbor was required to send a representative to the Customs House to pay the appropriate duties. Thousands of pounds of agricultural goods and finished products were exchanged on the busy trading floor of the magnificent Great Hall assembly room of the Exchange and Customs house. Beneath the Exchange, a cellar of goods bursting at the seams was a testament to the prosperity of the times.

In Charles Town Exchange, you are transported back to this exciting and bustling port city where it is up to you to make the Exchange operate as efficiently as possible. You play several roles based on the actions you take.  Sometimes you are responsible for managing the shipping and arrival of goods to and from the exchange. Often, you oversee the commodities trade collecting the appropriate duties and taxes. Some times, you may even play the role of a merchant buyer selecting the best goods to be loaded and shipped for your employer. If you are successful, you will accumulate extraordinary wealth. Filling the coffers of your far away king will increase your prestige and may land you the title of Royal Governor of the South Carolina.

The Exchange and Customs house plays a pivotal role in the birth of America as we now know it. This is where the confiscated Tea is stored in protest to the Tea Act of 1773. Very soon afterward, the Exchange becomes the site where the representatives from the colony met to elect representatives to the Continental Congress, the body that would draft the Declaration of Independence. It was on the steps of the Exchange that the colony declared its independence from the crown. It was in 1782 after the British released their hold of the city that its name was changed to what we know it as today: Charleston.

Charles Town Exchange is played over six rounds comprised of three major phases. In the initial phase, goods to be sent to the Exchange are selected and begin their journey to the trading floor. Next, ships jostling for the best trading position in the harbor to unload goods. Sometimes a little money in the right hands can move a ship to the front of the line. Finally, as the ships unload, it is up to you to manage the sales to optimize their value, manage storage in the cellars efficiently, and collect the duties and taxes that will make you successful.

This game has been seen by industry players at GenCon and Origins, with favorable responses. A publishing deal for this title fell through, so it is not only playtested and finished, but even proofed. It just needs final artwork.