Island Resorts
Game Concept

Jet Set Resorts! is a game of resort building and development set in the late 1960s. The Upper Middle Class is emerging and since they have no kids, they are enamored with travel, jet setting away to fun filled destinations in exotic locations. As a real estate developer, you jump in the resort business and try to create the hot vacation spots where countless travelers will spend their money without a care in the world.

Game Play Overview

Jet Set Resorts is an economics game based in the glory days of airline travel. The game is played over several years as marked by rounds. Each year is played as follows:

Phase 1: Tourist Board (determines turn order) - Player’s investment in the tourism board improves one’s standing in the business community.

Phase 2: Actions - Each turn, players select and perform actions. Developing a new resort, increasing the features of a current resort, giving airline incentives, building a casino, or engaging in politics.

Phase 3: Getaway! - Tourists traveling this season make their travel plans at the travel agencies.

Phase 4: Income - Tourists come and spend, spend spend. How much more attractive are your resorts?

Phase 5: Politics - Make deals with corrupt officials to knock your opponents off balance.